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egbxrt asked ;  
Are you and Xendure dating? I may be kind of slow but I was curious.

out; y e s!!

you’re not slow at all, considering we actually started dating only two days ago, but we had been hella crushing on each other before that too and then two days ago she asked if i’d be the irl ellie to her riley and i said yes and so that’s when we started dating and basically started exploding with feels about each other omg it’s kinda hilarious when you think about it

Anonymous asked ;  
fruit cocktail otp

serxphic asked ;  
Does your Mun like cookies uwu??

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"A few days ago she ate a whole packet of them without even sharing…So I’d say yeah.”

Apr 16 · 3 days ago
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Chasing waterfalls

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Anonymous asked ;  
mun have a cruush on anyone?

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"She totally does. You know my lil sis, the one that got into a fight with jackass john? The mun behind her~”

immunegirl asked ;  
What's your mun like when they're sleepy?

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"Let’s see—she yawns a lot, she’s seen dozing off, heavy bags under her eyes and like zero motivation to do anything. So she’s basically her usual self."

egbxrt asked ;  
Ellie, any fun facts about your mun?

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  • she’s got a closet full of stuffed toys
  • she actually showered today
  • she’s currently blushing a lot
  • she’s been to the first ever scotland comic con
  • she loves apple juice
  • she’s got an older half-brother and two older half-sisters
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